Within the framework of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy, we implement the following actions: For society

  • Employment of students, students in the context of their internship.
  • Strengthening local entrepreneurship by sourcing materials and services from the local market.
  • Participation in conferences, workshops, seminars, aiming at the development and development of our profession.

For Customers

  • Continuous improvement of the quality of services provided, utilizing new technologies.
  • Upgrading service by promoting alternative ways of informing customers.
  • For every unemployed, needy person, or person with disabilities, there is a different treatment and pricing policy.

For Employees

  • Care for Safety issues, through the taking of protection measures and the implementation of safety technician rules.
  • Continuous training of employees through training programs, seminars, etc.

For the Environment

  • We promote recycling in our workplace by using special recycling bins.