Company Formation The process includes, but is not limited to, the following steps:

  • Drafting of Articles of Association
  • Issuance of VAT number
  • Registration in the Register of the Chamber of Commerce (GEMI)
  • Registration in EFKA Registry (if required)
  • Inventory in EFKA for the creation of an employer's register (if required)
  • Creation of a corporate website (not commercial) for balance sheet publication (required for PCs)
  • Registration of the company in VIES
  • Organization of an Accounting Plan according to ELP (required for companies that keep double entry books)

Full tax support in haplographic & double-entry accounting books

  • Accounting and Tax support (keeping of books & data of companies O.E., L.P., P.C., LTD, S.A.).
  • Coverage of tax obligations of businesses regardless of legal form and volume of transactions (Income Tax Return, VAT, Other withholding taxes, Mydata, Intrastat, VIES, etc.)
  • Preparing, preparing and submitting tax obligations on a monthly or quarterly basis and updating you.
  • Preparation and Analysis of Annual Financial Statements.
  • Detailed information on the progress of the Company in order to optimize the tax burden.
  • Organization, supervision and supervision of an accounting department maintained internally in the company

Payroll and Labor Services.

  • Collection and processing of data for the calculation of payroll and information on employer costs.
  • Processing of obligations to insurance and auxiliary funds.
  • Submission of recruitments, departures and dismissals of staff to ERGANI.
  • Advice on personnel subsidies and information on business-related programs
  • Completion of the necessary actions for the inclusion in an employee subsidy program
  • Representation in labour matters in the relevant services.
  • Inclusion in Subsidized Programs of OAED.
  • Calculation of payroll of specialized cases (workers, overtime, Sundays).

Acquisitions - Mergers

  • Assessments / Evaluations
  • Support in the acquisition and sale of company shares
  • Company Mergers
  • Calculation of goodwill

Business consulting

  • Tax advice on business formation
  • Advice on accounting organization issues
  • Processing of Incorporation, Conversion, Merger, Acquisition, Transfer, Dissolution of businesses and companies
  • Diagnostics to identify main and essential problems of the business
  • Guidance on the implementation of new tax provisions.
  • Monitoring of Financial Results to alleviate tax burdens, always within the framework of legality
  • Preparation of Short and Long Term budgets.
  • Timely Budget & Profit & Loss Calculation for the determination of the financial condition of a company
  • Preparation of Business Plans.
  • Consulting on Grants - Grants issues and preparation of a study by specialized partners
  • Elaboration of investment plans for inclusion in NSRF programs
  • Economic Study for the provision of funds by Banking Institutions
  • Cash Planning Organization